It is my passion to help my clients find peace and hope past their current situations. I will work with you to find out your goals and objectives, and support you as you come up with a plan of action.

I offer a non-judgmental space for healing from addiction, abuse, and dysfunction. My purpose is to listen to you, support you, and encourage you through the process of identifying the cycle that you are in, and helping you find the strength within yourself to get out of the cycle. You are stronger than you know, and I want to help you discover that truth.

Let me walk beside you, as you make the necessary changes to move past the pain and trauma in your life, and do the healing work that is necessary to accomplish that. I am here for you and will show you kindness, respect and empathy on this journey. I look forward to meeting with perspective clients to answer their questions and begin this process of finding hope, peace, and empowerment.

My journey to healing did not really begin until my early thirties, when I got divorced from my first husband. During this time, I really began to find out the reasons behind how I even got attracted to an abusive, controlling relationship. My healing journey brought me to a place of recognizing where my pain originated, and how to take care of my true self and find ultimate healing at this place in my life. I am truly passionate about supporting others on their journey to find hope, healing, and self-worth.

Blessed with one son, who I hope will benefit from my healing and the lessons I have learned about the dysfunctional tendencies I was continuing from my childhood, he is truly my pride and joy. I am now married to a wonderful man, who is my biggest supporter and encourager, through all of my struggles and victories. He brought into my life three beautiful stepdaughters, who I seek to set an example of what it looks like to love myself and to love others.