Put Your Life Into Focus


Break through Your Core Sentence

For some people, they to a place in their healing journey where they feel stuck. Frequently, it can be the underlying message that was taught to you by your parents or caregivers, or just by life experiences, that is holding you back and defining you more than you even realize. The sentence could be that, "you are not good enough", that "you are not worthy of love", or that "you have no value". Whatever your core sentence is, we will work together to discover what it is, and to break free from its power over your life.


Inner Child Work

At Rachel Janecki Heal from the Past Coaching I give my clients the tools they need to work through the childhood pain and dysfunction that they have experienced. In order to do that, it is important to connect with the Inner Child inside yourself that has been pushed down for so long. The needs that did not get met as a child, will be defined, and you will find the ability within yourself to meet those needs. You will no longer rely on other people to meet them for you.


Communication and Love Styles

Relationship Healing is one of the most popular and successful coaching topics available. In these six sessions I will work with you, or you and your partner, to determine your communication style, your love style, your emotional needs, and how your childhood may be defining your current relationship. This can be intense work, but it can be groundbreaking for couples to break through their cycle of conflicts and their inability to communicate in a way that both people understand.